About Us

We are a best friend duo from the Greater Vancouver area! In 2018 we decided to start making scrunchies with the intention of selling them at a couple of craft fairs. From there we started a website and have been overwhelmed by the support we've received.

Through experience in corporate, medical and food/beverage industries we understand the need for a quick hair-do for the babe-on-the-go. Scrunchies accomplish just that.

Our passion is providing a SIMPLE and QUALITY fashion accessory. Let's empower that busy babe to make it on time to that business meeting, spin class or date in Yaletown. We call it "Sky train to Ski Hill".

You can depend on Mary Hill Collective scrunchies as much as you can depend on it raining in Vancouver.

Handmade with love (and a glass of wine time to time),


V & K